Home Services

At today's hectic pace, you may not have time to take care of all the little stuff - the trip to the pet groomer, mailing packages, preparing for that special event, or whatever else comes up that demands your attention. For those times, Arizona Maid is ready to help you cross those items off your list.

Arizona Maid offers these extended services and more:

Grocery shopping
General shopping
Doing Laundry
Dry cleaning drop-off and pickup
Move in's/move out's packing
Post Office/UPS/Fedex – drop-off and pick up
Organize closets, kitchen cabinets, office
General errand running
House sitting
Pet sitting
Pet related errands – groomer, vet
Vacation services - water plants, pick-up mail/ paper, check home
Full home or individual room organization
Help before, during, and after parties
Handyman work in the home

We are flexible and willing to help. If you have a job that needs to be done, give us a call!